RAPS is short for Richmond Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for more than 400 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Santos & Debo

Debo - MW
Santos and Debo are siblings who came to live at the Sanctuary in November last year, when their owner moved to an assisted living facility and couldn’t take her beloved tabbies with her.  The chances of finding a forever home for these two fifteen-year boys were pretty slim but if that doesn’t happen, they’ve found one with us. 
Debo - DW
Santos and Debo started out together in a large cage in the Moore House but it soon became clear that being roommates wasn’t necessarily what either of them wanted.  They also seemed to be too “young at heart” to require the quiet environment that the older cats in that building prefer. So, they got their own private bachelor pads - Santos in the first available cage in Hill House and Debo in the single-wide trailer. Cats usually progress from a cage in Hill House into the front courtyard but that area is home to a few “bully-boy” cats like Leland and Puffin so probably wouldn’t have been a happy place for an older boy like Santos. Besides, he occasionally has a slight tremor so Animal Care Staff wanted to be able to keep a closer eye on him. 
Santos - MW
When he was ready, Santos was released into the same trailer as Debo.  Although there wasn’t a happy sibling reunion, both are quite content there. Debo quickly claimed one of the comfy chairs as his own and Santos insists on hanging around just inside the door to ensure that he gets immediate attention from anyone who enters.   If that doesn’t work, he’ll gently but insistently paw at the visitor’s leg to get it. 
Santos & Debo - close, but not TOO close! - MM
Although Santos came to us with a reputation for sometimes scratching or biting without warning, he’s been well-behaved here after a brief period of settling in. In fact, both Santos and Debo are very affectionate boys and both are determined to be lap cats, especially Debo.  Sit down anywhere near him and he’s on your lap!  Debo is generally more laid-back and out-going than Santos, but Santos has mellowed quickly and has gained plenty fans among staff, volunteers and visitors. Although neither can be called grumpy anymore, Brigid has compared them to Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men” – can’t tell them apart.    
Debo - MW
Fortunately, Santos’ tremor doesn’t seem to be related to any serious health issues but he’s presently recovering from a bad cold so is a bit unsteady on his feet. That bit of wobble just adds to his appeal and, of course, successfully enforces his wish to be picked up and cuddled.    
Santos on lap - MM
When I visited him recently, he was so busy squirming happily on my lap or head-butting my hands that it was almost impossible to get a non-blurred photo of him.  I had to hold him close and take a photo with my camera held in front of both of us like a couple of selfie-taking teenagers. You can see how handsome he is! Debo was much more cooperative, posing like a true professional!  
Why don't you sit down and cuddle me? - MM
When you’re at the Sanctuary, ask one of the volunteers to introduce you to Santos and Debo in the Single-Wide trailer, and, if you’ve been thinking of sponsoring one or two of the resident cats, please consider these two.   Sponsorship forms are available at the Sanctuary or on the RAPS website at  http://www.rapsbc.com/sponsorship/

Blog by Marianne Moore
Photos by Marianne Moore, Debbie Wolanski & Michele Wright

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Brace of Bengals

the regal Bengal look... - MW
Most of the Sanctuary cats are “moggies” - the English descriptor for a cat of indeterminate breed. Short-haired, long-haired, tabby, black, orange, white, and any number of combinations – we have them! Cats of specific breeds are usually in demand, and when they come to a shelter, they often get adopted quickly. That is, unless there’s a problem of some sort – and that problem is usually pee-ing!
Zulu - BD
Currently we have two Bengals living with us. I missed meeting their predecessor Zulu, who was known for his penetrating voice – especially when food was concerned.
Lucky - MW
Lucky came to us about three years ago, and has settled well.  He’s an established personality in the back courtyard – until recently he lived mainly in Waldi’s hut, opposite the tea-room, but he can most often be found now in the tea-room itself or in the double-wide laundry room. And the attraction of those two places? That’s where the sinks are – and the possibility of someone turning on a tap! Lucky adores running water – either running fast, in which case he drinks from the stream – or running in a trickle, in which case he sticks his head under the water and lets it get him really wet.  It seems to be a common passion of many Bengals, and may be part of the reason that they are also known for their bad bathroom habits.
The view's better up here...   PH
Lucky’s a friendly boy; like Hannah, he will sometimes appear on an unsuspecting shoulder, though the favoured shoulders have come to expect him.  He’s a favourite of Michele’s, and she has many lovely pictures of him.
Wonderful eyes - MW

A good stretch...  MW

He was joined at the Sanctuary last fall by Dandelion.
Dandelion - MW
Once again, the peeing problems were just too much for Dandelion’s owners – and their final decision (which they struggled with for some time) was confirmed by his determined bullying of their smaller female cat. Bengals tend to be sleek and muscular; Dandelion is the most overweight Bengal we’ve ever seen.
Dandelion - PH
For the first part of his stay with us he was caged, as all our new cats are. His owners had told us he was fussy about his food, but he calmly ate everything that was offered. We decided that along with other overweight cats, his health would be best approached by encouraging more exercise, rather than caging him and limiting his food.  However, since release, he has found a few corners to claim and is usually found sleeping peacefully, ignoring the other cats around him.
Wake me when it's springtime...  BC
We hope that when the warmer weather comes, Dandelion will join Lucky in roaming the back courtyard, and perhaps regain a trimmer outline!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Barbara Doduk Phadra Hardman, & Michele Wright

Friday, March 3, 2017

Kitty Cuddles

Nose-bumps - MW
What constitutes a cat kiss? Cats show affection for each other by “bunting” (rubbing cheeks and exchanging scents), by head-bumps, by exchanging slow eye-blinks and by mutual grooming. And when a cat shares any of those behaviours with a favoured human, you’re being marked as an honorary cat.
People who profess themselves to be dog people rather than cat people will tell you that cats are aloof, and that to enjoy affection you need to get a dog.  It’s certainly true that many dogs are very focused on their own humans, and that many cats are more reserved – as the saying goes: Dogs come when they’re called; Cats take a message and get back to you.  But cat lovers know that the surface reserve can hide deep affection, and that once a cat has given its trust, you become a vital part of its life.
Debo loves Jocelyn - MW
At the Sanctuary the cats meet a great variety of people: there might be as many as 150 volunteers through in a week between the morning cleaning shift and the afternoon feeding one, and the Kitty Comforters,plus the Sunday visitors.  In quieter areas, like the Moore House, there are fewer humans around; in the double-wide or the front courtyard there’s always someone coming or going.
With all that activity, building a relationship of trust with a Sanctuary cat takes time and patience and consistency. Some of them are always wary; with others it’s primarily cupboard love that produces the attention.  But many of us have “our” cats who come for attention and who relax in our arms.
Jody always looks worried - BC
Sweet Jody would probably not be on everyone’s list. Jody is/was one of the tea-room bathroom cats; the late Baby, Piper and Jody used to share the three shelves there, hating each other, and each laying claim to their own space. Since we lost Baby, Piper has migrated out to the tea-room and Jody has mostly moved into the double-wide laundry room, where she jealously guards her bed from other cats, and looks pleadingly at passing humans. She doesn’t want to move, but she does love being petted, and she responds with little kissy licks, coaxing the caressing hand to stay just a little longer.
Eva - PH
Visitors to Old Aids (actually the home of most of our leukemia cats) may overlook Eva, a tubby tabby who often tucks herself away. Eva has her favourite humans, though, and once she trusts, she snuggles in, putting her paws on your shoulder and giving little licks to the nearest bits of exposed skin or hair.
a Michele and Emery selfie!
Sometimes the cats that don’t get on with other cats do better in a bigger area. Emery usually seems to have the ability to blinker out the felines around him, getting upset only when someone moves into his immediate space.  He’s definitely a human-centred cat, though – Emery’s favourites know the heart-warming experience of an Emery-hug, and a cold nose snuggled into the neck! It’s too bad that this sweet boy expresses his stress by peeing in corners...
a rare moment of contentment for Leland - MW
Leland is another cat who doesn't do well at the Sanctuary. He is most often found pacing the front courtyard near the gate - the objective being to get between the gates separating front and back so that he can be spared the contact with all the other cats. Unfortunately for him, that's a no-cats-land area. He expresses his displeasure freely in a series of grumbles, he wants human attention, but in a limited way, and when things get too much for him, he picks a fight with another alpha cat.  But Leland has his sweet moments. In the right mood, a snuggle with a human is just what he loves best - especially when his best friend Debbie offers to cuddle him like a baby. That face tells you that for a moment, all is well in Leland's world.
Alice and Blanche have a tender moment - MW
When Blanche first came to us, she longed to be outside, and was usually found somewhere in the back courtyard. In the last while she has developed some physical problems that limit her mobility, but she has discovered that living on one of the double-wide shelves carries the bonus of accessibility to her favourite humans.

There’s nothing like a set of kitty-kisses to make all feel right in the world!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman & Michele Wright

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spencer and Lucy

There are a surprising number of cats around the Sanctuary who are described as “Donni cats”. They date back about ten years or so, when a hoarding situation was brought to our attention, and the collection of cats and kittens came into our care. Their “owner” loved them dearly, but was incapable of caring for them and was forced to move.
Donni & her loves
In the years that followed, she was a regular visitor, always bringing treats, and spending time sitting among her feline family, giving them petting, grooming and much love.  Even through her final illness, she managed to make some visits, and her name is inscribed one one of the benches in the back courtyard.
Spencer - CP
Among the kittens that first came to us were two black-and-white bundles, who were named Spencer and Lucy. Both grew into solid cats, and were among a group that was adopted out about a year later. Unfortunately the adopter had just too many cats for the amount of space, and territorial wrangling led to a certain amount of peeing. Some of the cats came back to us at the Sanctuary, and among them were Spencer and Lucy.
Lucy - MW
Initially Spencer settled down well; it was Lucy who hid in fear much of the time.  Eventually it was decided to try her in a different area, and the siblings were separated. They hadn’t shown much sign of being bonded, and Lucy decided that the tea-room suited her – though she was still diffident about much human attention.
Spencer - MW
In the years since, both have become fixtures among the feline population – and frequent greeters at their respective gates. Spencer is actually the more shy of the two; he’s part of the crowd but not a cat that comes easily for petting. He enjoys it when treats are offered, but prefers not to take them from a human hand – which means that often someone like Jake will nip in and steal the tidbit!  His distinctively flecked right eye colour makes him easy to identify when snuggled in with the other darker cats in the papasan chair outside the single-wide.
Lancelot & Spencer - BC
Lucy has claimed the passage just beyond the gate into the back area, and is frequently found to be greeting visitors. She enjoys attention more than her brother.
Lucy - PH
Both have somewhat dense fur that really needs grooming to stay in good condition; when you put Spencer next to his buddy Lancelot, you notice the difference in appearance. He’s hard to groom, though, whereas Lucy enjoys the attention (if not the comb, so much!).  Visitors and Kitty Comforters - this is your challenge!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Chris Peters & Michele Wright

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Dryer Gang

Cats being the hedonists they are, it’s not surprising to find them curled up in warm places. Most of the Sanctuary’s cat-cabins have ceramic heaters, and even in sub-zero temperatures the outdoor cats have somewhere warm to be. In every building around the Sanctuary there are favoured places that cats choose – mostly related to warmth. In the Tea Room, you will practically always find Sadie face-planted as close to the heater as possible.

In the Double-wide, there’s usually a crowd on the table just inside the door, and another (usually focused on Salty) on the couch. Hot air rises, and there are normally a good number of cats on top of the cages in the Connor. And the papasan chair near the courtyard stairs is always good for a cuddle-puddle as is the one on the Newcomers deck.

But the favoured place has to be just inside the door of the Single-wide, where, as you enter, you are usually greeted by a furry pile.

L to R: Simone, Jenny, Jarod (Yap), Bantam, Belinda, Zoe
with Little Mama up above - PH
Personalities vary, but the core of the Dryer Gang, as they are known, are usually Simone, Bantam and Chickadee. The three of them came from an egg farm (now demolished) and it’s likely they were all related – according to our vet, Simone is older than the other two, and may well be their mama. You’ll find these three on the September page of the 2017 calendar.

Simone is one of those cats that visitors actively seek out.  She is a cuddle-bug, liking to be held upright over a human shoulder, rather like a baby. In her earlier days she would have come under the no-semi-ferals-adoptions ban, implemented after our experience with Jenny and one or two others; now she is older, calmer, and there is a long list of people that would probably adopt her like a shot. However, as with Salty, we have to consider not only her but also all her cuddle-buddies – losing her would seriously affect the dynamic of the group.
Simone and Bantam are very close - MW
Bantam enjoys his share of petting and cuddles, though he’s not as much in favour of being picked up as Simone is. Chickadee is shyer still, preferring that petting is restricted to the cuddle-puddle itself – it’s not so long ago that Chickadee still preferred the safety of the cage-tops
Zoe - always curious - PH
The trio is usually joined by Zoe – older than she looks, but still very active – sweet green-eyed Jenny, Little Mama, and most-recently, Diamond, who we feel is still mourning the loss of her beloved son Garfield. It’s lovely to see her settling in as part of the group, and sharing in comforting snuggles.
Diamond is comforted by Zoe - MW
They, and the many other cats who join them are a delightful group who never fail to draw the attention of Sunday visitors - whether or not the dryer is operating
...so how many cats can fit on a drier?....  MW

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Michele Wright

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mister Valentine

Just as we have what I call the Garbo Cats (here and here), so we also have our share of cats who enjoy each others’ company. Sometime that’s no more than a tendency to stay in the same area; sometimes it’s obviously a family thing. For many years Mr Popularity in the Sanctuary was our beloved Mario, who attracted a large following of ferals who relaxed around him. We lost Mario to cancer a few years ago, and some of his ferals have followed him, most recently, Nellie, who I like to think about as being reunited with him at the Rainbow Bridge.
Couch cats
But Mario’s mantle has fallen to another gentle giant. When Salty came into the Sanctuary, he was deeply bonded with his sister Shelley, but the magic wore off, and the two now live independent lives. Shelley’s a roamer – you’ll find her all over the place. Salty, on the other hand, can usually be found in his favourite place on the double-wide couch, surrounded by a crowd of other cats.
Cinder, Salty & Ridley, Dusty - MW
Salty obviously gives off the pheromone that says “Love me! Trust me!” It’s not quite to the extent Mario had it – with Mario, sometimes everyone wanted to lie on him, and all you’d see of him in the cat-pile was a little orange and white fur at the bottom. Salty likes a little more space around him – but it’s often the same cats who are sharing the couch with him. Cinder is a regular occupant, as is Luigi, and Watson, who was adopted and who we will soon be hearing from, loved his cuddle-buddy.

Watson with Salty - PH
However, the most favoured companions are Ridley, Colin and Dusty. All three are ferals, and all three have become more approachable through their association with Salty.
Holding paws - MW
Ridley can be distinguished among the black cats in the cat-pile by a little patch of white on his chest.
Cuddling in tandem - BC
He’s still a little wary around humans, but with a not-too-full couch, it is possible to sit with the two of them and stroke Ridley without being swatted.
Salty with Colin - MW
Colin’s one of our all-black boys, distinguishable mainly by the elegant lynx-tips to his ears. He has become much more friendly overall; he’s usually underfoot at feeding-time, rising on his back legs to rub against the feeder and make sure he’s not overlooked.

Salty & Dusty snuggles - BC
Dusty and Salty could be mistaken for litter-mates – especially now he’s put on some mid-life weight. She is very wary of human contact – especially when she’s alone – but like Ridley, petting is possible when Salty is around to give her confidence. She follows him around with adoration in her eyes.
Dusty & Salty - BC
Just occasionally, all this togetherness gets to be too much for Salty, and he has to go and sit on the top of a cat tree or in a corner somewhere where nobody else can lie on him.
Salty goes solo - MW
 A little time to himself – and then he heads back to the couch and to his adoring retinue

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman and Michele Wright

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Trio of Torties

For a good while now, the front courtyard has been home to just one tortoiseshell cat – Treacle, who mostly lives in the Hill House, and is beginning to show her age. Suddenly this winter, we seem to have torties everywhere we look.  In fact, there are only three newcomers in the front, but they have made their presence very evident.
KitKat - MW
KitKat came to us in the fall when the Sanctuary was a temporary home to some of the shelter cats while their regular home was undergoing remediation and renovation. She had been surrendered by her family for peeing – probably in a stress situation – and then at the Five Road Shelter she showed herself to be friendly enough, but was obviously stressed by the number of other cats, and, as so many of them do, expressed her feelings once again with her pee. When the time came to return her to the Shelter it was decided that the space we could offer her would be altogether preferable, though she would not be so obviously an adoption candidate.
KitKat - BC
A short period of being penned was followed by a front courtyard release, and a successful one – KitKat has made herself very much at home. Like many other torties, she’s not a big fan of other cats, but she mostly ignores them, preferring the company of humans, especially if they allow her to climb on their shoulders.  We think that this friendly girl might make a good candidate for the adoption list, especially if she goes to a home where she is the one-and-only, and is unstressed by other four-legged company.
KitKat loves shoulder-climbing - DW
Blaze and Toes came to us together from another rescue in the Interior of BC. The siblings had been trapped as young ferals with a group of cats, and were recognized as a bonded pair. As many of our visitors know, ferals can turn the corner and become very friendly. Blaze made the jump, but Toes never really did, preferring to steer clear of humans. Their family finally returned them to the original rescue, who were unable to find somewhere the two of them could be together. We have occasionally taken in cats from this rescue (most recently in a tragic situation with a hoarder who died) and it was felt that this pair might have a chance of settling with us.
Blaze - MW
After a short stay in the big cage in the Hill House, the two were released, and very quickly made themselves at home. Blaze takes her name from the marking on her face – less defined than KitKat’s very clear stripe.
Blaze - BC
Toes is darker, but as her name implies, her blond toes quickly identify her. Both are most active (and interactive with humans) in the evening at feeding time; Blaze quickly comes for petting while Toes hovers at arms-reach.
Toes - MW
Both have established themselves in one of the feral areas (the room with the yellow door), but they also enjoy being tucked away in the gazebo in the middle of the courtyard. Recently Toes took her gazebo passion to new heights.
Toes' adventure - DW
Time will tell if the confidence of other former-ferals will have an effect on Toes’ shyness, or if a feral-savvy home could be found eventually for these two sweet girls together.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Debbie Wolanski and Michele Wright